In the heart of the Loire Valley.

The Vouvray appellation was created in 1936 and can be considered as one of the most important white wine producting areas in the loire valley. The Vouvray appellation is located on the northern bank of the loire river, next to the city of Tours in the Touraine district. The Vouvray wines are exclusively made from the chenin blanc grape also called pineau de la loire. The chenin blanc grape provides fruity and floral aromas with honey flavour and a nice refreshing acidity to wines. The vines are planted in gravel and clay top soil over the famous local white limestone “tuffeau”, providing the plant enough water when needed.

The Vouvray appellation offers a large range of wines from dry to sweet with an important part of the production dedicated to sparkling wine. The sweet wines are often made from berries touched by the noble rot. The sparkling wines are made from the traditional method technics.

The climate has a huge impact on the Vouvray vineyard making sparkling wines and dry wines with poor weather condition for the bad years. Good weather conditions will allow producers to make excellent moelleux or liquoreux wines with a high acidity, forbidding us to drink those beautiful nectars before at least 20 years.

The wines of Vouvray are often paired with rich dishes and flavourful sauces. The sparkling wine will remind that French people enjoy a very special moment in life called “aperitif”.

So what are you waiting for ! Enjoy a nice bottle of Vouvray from the garden of France !